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How to stick a patch

How to stick a patch using pressing iron

How to Iron on a patch

1) Place the patch on the spot on the garment where you would like to stick it
2) Place a cloth or thin towel on top of the patch
3) Heat up your iron to a maximum setting and press the iron hard on the cloth/thin towel for 20-25 seconds
4) Press the iron hard on the back side of the garment for 20-25 seconds

Leave for 48 hours to fully glue.

Sewing (and not ironing) the patch is recommended when dealing with delicate fabrics, leather or synthetics.
Washing is allowed at a temperature not exceeding 40°C

How to stick a patch by sewing

The patch is made of a 1.2 mm thick felt. This makes it possible for you to sew the patch with an invisible stitch.
When sewing on, the needle must be angled. Pull the needle all the way through the front side of the patch and then pull it back through the same hole at another angle.
How to Sew on a patch

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