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All patches presented on the site of its own production.

We make patches only from quality materials:
as the main material – 100% polyester felt (used for army chevrons);
on the back side of the patch is the adhesive layer;
polyester embroidery thread.

The adhesive layer on the back side of the patch makes it possible to glue the patch to the clothes with the help of a regular iron, and also prevents the embroidery from flowing if the threads are damaged.

Advantages of felt:
– the material is durable and wear resistant;
– at operation does not burn out and does not fade;
– do not peel off the edges, does not give along the edge of the fringe, unlike woven materials;
– keeps the shape after washing, does not fade and does not paint the products when washing at 30-40 °C in the machine.

Advantages of polyester embroidery thread:
– do not fade;
– resistant to abrasion;
– high tensile strength;
– not afraid of harsh detergents, bleaching, chlorination.

We tried to choose the most suitable materials for our patches for tough use, being on a biker outfit.